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Hello Operator
Dusty Owens -- & Bill Carver -- Acuff/Rose Pub. Co., BMI


Hello operator
Is it any wonder
That I'm calling for a number
I'm alone and want a date for tonight
Hello operator
Won't you help me find a honey
Who would help me spend my money
Can't you find a girl for me
Who'd be just right
I'll be in town for just a while
For goodness sake please start to dial
A number that would keep me company
Hello operator
Do you have a friend that's lonesome
One that I can call my own some
Can't you find a cutie to go out with me
Hello operator
Can't you locate me a number
After all it is no wonder
That I'm calling you again because it's late
Hello operator
Do you have a busy line
Can't you try just one more time
Won't you hurry up and please don't hesitate
By the way would you be free
Could you fill the bill for me
Do you think that I would rate a date with you
Hello operator
You sound just like a winner
Could I take you out to dinner
Cause I know that you're the number that will do
Hello operator


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