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Hello Operator
Dusty Owens -- & Bill Carver -- Acuff/Rose Pub. Co., BMI


Hello operator
Is it any wonder
That I'm calling for a number
I'm alone and want a date for tonight
Hello operator
help me find a little honey
Who would help me spend my money
will you find a date for me
Who'd be just right
I'll be in town for just a while
For goodness sake please start to dial
A number that would keep me company
Hello operator
Don't you have a friend that's lonesome
One that I can call my own some
Can't you find a cutie to go out with me
Hello operator
Can't you locate me a number
After all it is no wonder
That I'm calling you again because it's late
Hello operator
Can't you try just one more time
Have you got a busy line
Won't you hurry up and please don't hesitate
By the way would you be free
Could you fill the bill for me
Do you think that I would rate a date with you
Hello operator
You sound just like a winner
Can I take you out to dinner
Cause I know that you're the number that will do
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